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48-7060Level 14 x 0.5 mL


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  • Lyophilized, human serum-based
  • 3-year unopened, refrigerated shelf life from date of manufacture
  • 5-day reconstituted stability when stored at 2°C-8°C

Liposure Serum Lipoprotein Control
Liposure monitors the performance of the Lipoprint LDL Lipoprotein Subfractions Testing System for separation and quantification of cholesterol in various lipoprotein fractions and subfractions in patient serum samples. We assay Liposure for VLDL, Midbands C, B, and A (IDL), LDL subfractions, HDL and total LDL.

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* Refer to the package insert of currently available lots for specific analyte, stability claims and instrument compatibility.