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Dipper POCT®

Liquid Urinalysis Quality Control


  • Three months of room temperature stability
    and up to 3 years at 2ºC–8ºC
  • Full dipstick immersion
  • Zero wasted QC product

Dipper POCT® Urinalysis Dipstick Control – NEW & LAUNCHING SOON – is a revolutionary single-use liquid urinalysis dipstick control and has an extraordinary room temperature stability of 3 months and 3 years refrigerated from date of manufacture. This stability exceeds that of all other urinalysis controls, currently on the market, formulated with native ketones and made with a simulated human urine matrix. The unique slim pouch design allows users to visually verify full immersion of the dipstick, minimizes the risk of contamination and reduces the volume required for testing. Dipper POCT is designed for use in every testing environment including: central labs, reference labs, nursing stations, and doctors' offices.

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Not for clinical use.