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Quantimetrix at the 2017 AACC

September 6, 2017

Quantimetrix – San Diego, California, hosted the 2017 AACC. Visitors came to our booth specifically to see a demo and learn about our newest UA control—Dipper POCT® Urinalysis Dipstick Control—LAUNCHING early 2018.

Dipper POCT is a revolutionary single-use liquid urinalysis dipstick control with extraordinary room temperature stability of 3 months and 3 years refrigerated from date of manufacture, exceeding that of all other urinalysis controls formulated with native ketones currently on the market.

Also due to launch early 2018, is CHROMASCOPICS® Urinalysis Control, designed specifically for the Siemens Clinitek Novus, Siemens urinalysis reagent strips, Siemens Microalbumin 2, and the Atellica UAS 800 and Atellica 1500 AUS (Not currently available in the U.S.).

Finally, we introduced a new feature to Dip&Spin Urinalysis Dipstick/Microscopics Control – BACTERIA! Launching early 2018.

Be sure to stop by our Booth #2148 in Chicago next summer to see everything we’ve been innovating! Until then, remember to test reliably and trust Quantimetrix!