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Quantimetrix® Introduces Dropper® A1c Diabetes Control

June 4, 2012

Quantimetrix introduces its new Dropper® A1c Diabetes Control.

Dropper A1c Diabetes Control is liquid, human blood based, and comes with a 3 year frozen (from date of manufacture) and 6 month refrigerated open vial stability.

Dropper A1c makes laboratory and point-of-care hemoglobin A1c quality control simple. It features three years frozen (from date of manufacture) and six months of refrigerated open vial stability to reduce waste, plus dropper bottles for easy dispensing. Twenty one days of open vial room temperature stability eliminates storage problems and provides maximum portability – perfect for sites without refrigeration. Dropper A1c Control is designed for use with most major immunoassay and boronate affinity laboratory and POCT analyzers including Siemens® DCA 2000/2000+/Vantage™ and Siemens Dimension, Beckman Coulter® Synchron,® Roche® Cobas Integra,® Roche Hitachi, Ortho-Clinical Diagnostics® Vitros,® Primus Diagnostics PDQ/ultra2.

Quantimetrix provides Quantrol,® a comparative data management quality control program for all Dropper A1c Diabetes Control users. Free monthly reports are provided for participants allowing each lab to monitor test performance and trend analysis.