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Quantimetrix Adds Instrument to Urine Microscopics Control

April 15, 2010

Quantimetrix adds instrument to Urine Microscopics Control

Redondo Beach, CA – April, 2010 – Quantimetrix Corporation announces newly added instrument to its QuanTscopics™ Urine Microscopics Control insert.

QuanTscopics Urine Microscopics Control is now assayed for the IRIS iQ200 Series Analyzers. Quantimetrix continues to add new instruments in an effort to better serve its customers.

QuanTscopics is liquid, made with real human urine, and comes with a 2 year unopened and open vial stability when stored at 2-8 C.

QuanTscopics is crafted to give you a simple, cost effective way to monitor the performance of urine microscopic analysis. And easy-to-use, squeeze bottles make dispensing outrageously simple. Included are qualitative and quantitative values for standardized urinalysis systems and analyzers.

Quantimetrix provides Quantrol™, a comparative quality control program for all QuanTscopics users.  Free monthly reports are provided for participants allowing each lab to monitor test performance and trend analysis.

About Quantimetrix
A manufacturer of clinical diagnostic products for over a quarter of a century, Quantimetrix has become a cutting-edge, independent company that provides products and services for a worldwide market. Quantimetrix develops and manufactures clinical diagnostic products for domestic and international distribution including Lipoprint®, the only test for measuring LDL subfraction cholesterol. Other quality products include urinalysis, general chemistry and specialty chemistry controls. They are liquid, ready to use, with long-term stability. Additional products include electrophoresis systems, diagnostic assays, and OEM. For more information, call +1.310.536.0006, 800.624.8380, or visit Quantimetrix online at www.4qc.com.